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Holistic products and advice
1) – Angelic products
– Large range of angel products such as angel worry stones, arch angel stones, angel statues, angel incense, angel books, angel oracle cards, angel cds, angel greeting cards, angel wallet cards, angel wall plaques and much more.
– Offer personal advice on how to use the products and we give information leaflets with most products

2) Books oracle cards and CD
– We stock large range of holistic books, oracle cards and both educational and music CDs
– Topics covered include; Meditation, Angels, Chakras, Crystals, Essential Oils, Psychic, Shamanic, Healing techniques and much more.

3) Gem stones and Crystals and Jewellery
We stock a large range of crystal gem stones for therapeutic use, we also stock raw and natural crystal pieces for personal and home use. We also stock good value jewellery, including bracelets and pendants, We help you choose gem stones suitable to your needs and we supply information leaflets with each piece purchased, We also energetically cleanse the products being purchased.

4) Aromatherapy , Flower and Colour Essences
We stock a large range of essential oils and massage oils for therapeutic use. We also make up personal blends for your needs and we have a qualified aroma therapist onboard. We also stock the Aura-Soma ™ range of colour essences which include Pommanders, Quintessances and Sprays. We help you choose the appropriate ones. And we supply information leaflets on how to use them. We have a level 3 practitioner available to assist your queries. We also stock the bach flower remedies range and our qualified bach flower therapist is available to make personalised blends to meet your needs, we do a short consultation in the shop and a full consultation in our therapy room.

5) Holistic Products
We stock a large range of Holistic products as outlined in posters above.
We also carry a good range of Salt Lamps.

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